What is The Average Credit Score?

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Most consumers know their credit score can have a tremendous effect on their financial well being. A credit score is used to determine a consumer’s credit worthiness. A lower credit score can impact the consumer’s ability to qualify for loans and even when the consumer gets a loan, they will likely be subject to higher interest rates.

Now that most people are pretty savvy with regard to what their credit score is and how it affects them, they are beginning to wonder what the average credit score actually is?”

It’s only natural to consider this as people are learning about their personal credit scores. They want to find out what is the average credit score in order to compare their number with those of other consumers in the United States.

What is The Average Credit Score in the USA?

what is the average credit score

Credit scores run from a low of 300 to a high of 850. In reality, no consumer actually has a score of either 300 or 850. Consumers who score 750 and above are considered to have excellent credit. However, only a small percentage of U.S. citizens actually score at or above 750.

For consumers who are curious about what is the average credit score, the answer is that the numbers fluctuate on a frequent basis. The average credit score right now is hovering around 665. Included in that number are a great deal of scores that are far higher and far lower than the average.

People who are wondering what their credit score is may find that their personal score is either higher or lower than the average. With a number that is above 665, the consumer is probably in fairly good shape. As long as they pay their bills on time and use debt responsibly, they are unlikely to see their credit score fall and will most likely see it begin to rise in the coming months and years. This is good news, as a higher credit score will significantly increase their ability to obtain advantageous financing.

 Consumers who have a credit score that falls below the national average can do several things to improve their numbers. It takes time to see results, but the benefits of doing so are definitely worthwhile. People can begin the process of improving their credit score by obtaining a credit score and making certain that the information contained there is accurate and up to date. Paying bills on time and limiting the number of credit history inquiries made can also make scores increase.

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Finding out the average credit score is a good way to establish an understanding of your current situation and how you might be able to improve it.

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