What Is a Good Credit Score?

When you first get your free credit report, you will see a score which has been assigned to your credit history. This credit score will be the determining factor whether creditors will grant you the loan or credit that you need. This score gives them a quick idea of how likely you are to repay the loan in question. Generally speaking, the simple answer to the question “what is a good credit score?” is the higher the score the better! However there is a scale by which to measure it.

So what is a good credit score and how does it compare to my own credit score? First of all you need to understand that each credit bureau uses its own unique method of computing your credit score. The scores by themselves don’t actually mean that much. However, once the score is combined along with your credit history, creditors are quickly able to see how much you are in debt and if you have a good credit score or not.

Most people seem to have the idea that when they ask what a good credit score is, they will find out that a lower number is better. This isn’t the case though.

Credit Score RangeCredit scores usually range from 350 to 850. So generally speaking the closer you are too 850 the better. If you are looking to get a mortgage for example and your score is quite far from 850 then your chances of getting that mortgage may be slim.

If ‘what is my credit score’ is one of the first questions people ask, the next question is usually about how they can improve their score. If your credit score isn’t as high as you would like then you need to do something about it. There are numerous ways to improve your credit score but they all take time.

Another thing to consider is that applying for credit too often will affect your credit score. This is because your credit report will contain the names everyone who has requested to see your credit report. Thus having a long list of names within this section will definitely not help you improve your credit score.

Moving house too often can also negatively affect your credit score. A lot of the time when creditors see lots of addresses, they quite often jump to the conclusion that you have had difficulty paying your rent.

 To sum things up:

Question: What is a good credit score?

Answer: As close to 650 as possible.