How to Get a Free Credit Score?

A credit score is not necessarily a credit score. Credit scores list all of the debt that is owed as well as other information about financial incidents that might have occurred in the past. A credit score will typically show the amount of available credit, the amount of debt, and important financial events in the past such as a bankruptcy.

There are three companies that provide credit scores. Each of these companies aggregates information from difference sources so an individual really needs to compare all three scores to get an accurate picture of their credit. Every person is entitled to receive one free credit score from each company every 12 months. For those who are wondering how to get a free credit score other companies will need to be contacted instead.

A credit score is a number that is derived from a credit score. There are many formulas that can be used to calculate a credit score. The most commonly used type of credit score is known as a FICO score. This score takes many aspects of a credit score into account and then calculates a numerical value that is representative of the entire score. Higher scores generally indicate that an individual has good credit. Lower scores indicate problems that might exclude a person from receiving a credit card or other type of loan.


How to Get a Free Credit Score Online

Several companies provide claim to provide free credit scores to individuals. In many cases the free score is given as part of a larger paid service such as credit monitoring or credit repair. These companies do not always provide a free FICO score, however, and might actually use a different scale which is not directly comparable to a FICO score.

This is often seen with companies that will provide a free credit score as a letter grade instead of a numerical value. Even though the score might not be provided by FICO, it is still a good indicator of the credit worthiness of an individual.

Some websites provide a free credit score online as part of a trial of their services. These are usually credit counseling sites. The score will actually be provided for free to an individual. The most well known website that offers a free credit score is Using a free website like Profinity is a good way to attain a free credit scoreĀ  without being charged any fees.

A credit score can also be given out by a loan officer when a person is applying for a mortgage or other type of loan. Community credit unions and banks see this information when considering a person and they will usually share the information with the applicant.

This method is not generally desirable because if the applicant is denied the loan then it will negatively impact their credit.

For those who are exploring how to get a free credit score, however, this can be a very fast and efficient technique.