How Do I Check My Credit Score?

Credit scores are used for so many different purposes today, and so it is important to ask, “How do I check my credit score” Most financial institutions will review your credit rating before approving you for a loan.

This may be for a loan on a new car, a home mortgage, a credit card, or more. Credit scores are also being used today for other purposes. For instance, employers are commonly reviewing a credit score on job applicants before extending a job offer. Landlords are also reviewing a credit score before approving a rental application. Clearly, you do want to keep tabs on your credit rating.


How Do I Check My Credit Score For Free?

how do I check my credit scoreSo when you ask the question how do I check my credit score?, where can you turn to for a copy of your credit score? You actually can obtain a free copy of your credit score from

With a visit to this website, you can view the same information that banks and lending institutions, potential employers, and landlords may view when they are making their decision about whether to provide you with financing, extend a job offer, or rent a home to you. By reviewing your credit score, you can not just learn what your credit scores are, but you can see other information that is visible on a credit score such as collections accounts, late payments, and more.

By getting your free credit score from Profinity, you have made the first step towards ensuring that all of the information on your score is accurate. The fact is that many people find errors on their credit score that need to be corrected. For instance, you may find that one of your credit card companies is reporting three late payments in error. This can certainly drag down your average credit score. By contacting the credit bureaus and the credit card company, you can have this erroneous information removed and then can see a boost in your credit scores.


Your Credit Score Changes So Recheck Regularly For Improvements

It is important to check your credit score from time to time. The fact is that new information is being reported on your credit score regularly. Most of this information will be accurate, but some of it may be reported incorrectly.

It is up to you to monitor the information showing on your credit score and to take steps to correct it if it is wrong. Staying on top of your credit score regularly can help you to avoid issues when you apply for credit, apply for a new job, or apply to rent a new home, too.